Foundations of retirement living in Australia were laid in the 1970’s when founder Mr Zig Inge and his brother, Alex (together known as Inge Bros) made regular trips to the US.  It was on one of these trips that Zig observed the emergence of retirement communities and refined his ideas to adapt to the Australian environment.  Their first retirement community, Pinetree Village in Donvale, was opened in 1979.  Zig’s philosophy was that seniors should own their own home and live in a safe and secure environment, with community facilities to enhance their quality of life and maintain their independence.

The Beginning | Laying the foundations of an industry

It all started over 40 years ago with a vision of our founder, Mr Zig Inge, in the 1970s. Zig and his brother, Alex (together known as Inge Bros) were quite literally a household name; renowned builders of beautiful homes and developments of new housing estates around Melbourne’s prestigious, leafy eastern suburbs.

Admired for their cutting edge designs and high quality construction, Inge Bros won many awards for their work. Ground breaking in their methods (especially for the era) they made regular visits to the US, refining their ideas on modern housing and how they could apply these ideas to an Australian environment.

It was on one of these trips that Zig observed the emergence of retirement communities and thought that the model could be modified and applied to the Australian market.

Down the track | From little things big things grow

In 1979 their first retirement community, Pinetree Village in Donvale was opened. It was a momentous occasion for older Australians because it introduced an entirely new concept – separately titled resident funded retirement villages. The impetus behind this development was Zig Inge’s philosophy that seniors should be able to own their own home and live within a safe and secure environment with community facilities that will enhance their quality of life through socialisation and other activities whilst still maintaining their independence.

The business grew from that modest start to ultimately comprise 19 retirement villages and 6 lifestyle serviced apartment complexes throughout Victoria, NSW, the ACT and Queensland. Each and every unit and apartment was conceived, constructed and managed by Zig Inge Group and over 3,000 residents happily resided in these wonderful developments. In 2007 the business became so large and successful that in order to continue on its growth trajectory a new owner was required with greater resource and capacity. Accordingly the Inge family took the difficult decision to sell the business and diversify its interests into a number of other areas both in the business and philanthropic arenas.

Zig Inge’s philosophy has helped shape Zig Inge Group and the Australian retirement village industry as a whole. When the opportunity arose in mid 2011 for the Inge family to re-enter the industry with the repurchase of its flagship village, Prospect Hill Village in Camberwell, the family moved quickly and without hesitation.


All of the passion and dedication that Zig Inge and his family have had towards the retirement village industry is now directly focused on its only investment in this sector, the jewel in the crown, Prospect Hill Village.

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