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Take heart – an update on eating for a healthy heart

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Interested in the latest on healthy eating to tackle the leading cause of death and disability in Australia – cardiovascular disease?  There’s so much information around about eating for a healthy heart that you may feel you’ve got it covered.  … Continue reading

Herbs & spices – integral to your daily diet

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Who would have thought a mere sprig of oregano could pack a powerful biological punch, but a review released in the Medical Journal of Australia (MJA) and an accompanying Position Paper from US and Australian health experts, shows culinary herbs and … Continue reading

Food to save your life

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Can what you eat save your life? Nutritionist and former spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association David Grotto claims it can in his book 101 FOODS THAT COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE. He presents a guide to foods from acai to yoghurt—the … Continue reading

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